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Publications Authored By Sameerah Jamal

Recently a cubic Galileon cosmological model was derived by the assumption that the field equations are invariant under the action of point transformations. The cubic Galileon model admits a second conservation law which means that the field equations form an integrable system. The analysis of the critical points for this integrable model is the main subject of this work. Read More

We perform the complete symmetry classification of the Klein-Gordon equation in maximal symmetric spacetimes. The central idea is to find all possible potential functions $V(t,x,y)$ that admit Lie and Noether symmetries. This is done by using the relation between the symmetry vectors of the differential equations and the elements of the conformal algebra of the underlying geometry. Read More

A class of generalized Galileon cosmological models, which can be described by a point-like Lagrangian, is considered in order to utilize Noether's Theorem to determine conservation laws for the field equations. In the Friedmann-Lema\^itre-Robertson-Walker universe, the existence of a nontrivial conservation law indicates the integrability of the field equations. Due to the complexity of the latter, we apply the differential invariants approach in order to construct special power-law solutions and study their stability. Read More