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Twin Higgs models solve the little hierarchy problem without introducing new colored particles, however they are often in tension with measurements of the radiation density at late times. Here we explore viable cosmological histories for Twin Higgs models. In particular, we show that mixing between the SM and twin neutrinos can thermalize the two sectors below the twin QCD phase transition, significantly reducing the twin sector's contribution to the radiation density. Read More

We study a simple, well-motivated model based on a custodial symmetry which describes the tree-level production of a 750 GeV diphoton resonance from a decay of a singly produced vector-like quark. The model has several novel features. The identification of the resonance as an SU(2)$_R$ triplet provides a symmetry explanation for suppression of its decays to hh, WW, and gg. Read More

The production mechanism of a 750 GeV diphoton resonance, either via gluon or photon fusion, can be probed by studying kinematic observables in the diphoton events. We perform a detector study of the two production modes of a hypothetical scalar or tensor diphoton resonance in order to characterize the features of the two scenarios. The nature of the resonance production can be determined from the jet multiplicity, the jet and diphoton rapidities, the rate of central pseudorapidity gaps, or the possible detection of forward protons from elastic photoproduction for events in the signal region. Read More

We study a simplified model of the SM Higgs boson decaying to a degenerate pair of scalars which travel a macroscopic distance before decaying to SM particles. This is the leading signal for many well-motivated solutions to the hierarchy problem that do not propose additional light colored particles. Bounds for displaced Higgs decays below $10$ cm are found by recasting existing tracker searches from Run I. Read More

We present the leading experimental constraints on supersymmetric models with R-parity violation (RPV) and a long-lived lightest superpartner (LSP). We consider both the well-motivated dynamical RPV scenario as well as the conventional holomorphic RPV operators. Guided by naturalness, we study the cases of stop, gluino, and higgsino LSPs with several possible leading decay channels in each case. Read More