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The formation of deuterated molecules is favoured at low temperatures and high densities. Therefore, the deuteration fraction D$_{frac}$ is expected to be enhanced in cold, dense prestellar cores and to decrease after protostellar birth. Previous studies have shown that the deuterated forms of species such as N2H+ (formed in the gas phase) and CH3OH (formed on grain surfaces) can be used as evolutionary indicators and to constrain their dominant formation processes and time-scales. Read More

We observed high S/N, high velocity resolution NH$_3$(1,1) and (2,2) emission on an extended map in TMC-1, a filamentary cloud in a nearby quiescent star forming area. By fitting multiple hyperfine-split line profiles to the NH$_3$(1,1) spectra we derived the velocity distribution of the line components and calculated gas parameters on several positions. Herschel SPIRE continuum observations were reduced and used to calculate the physical parameters of the Planck Galactic Cold Clumps in the region. Read More

Previous studies of the initial conditions of massive star formation have mainly targeted Infrared-Dark Clouds (IRDCs) toward the inner Galaxy. This is due to the fact that IRDCs were first detected in absorption against the bright mid-IR background, requiring a favourable location to be observed. By selection, IRDCs represent only a fraction of the Galactic clouds capable of forming massive stars and star clusters. Read More

We explored the AllWISE catalogue of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission and identified Young Stellar Object candidates. Reliable 2MASS and WISE photometric data combined with Planck dust opacity values were used to build our dataset and to find the best classification scheme. A sophisticated statistical method, the Support Vector Machine (SVM) is used to analyse the multi-dimensional data space and to remove source types identified as contaminants (extragalactic sources, main sequence stars, evolved stars and sources related to the interstellar medium). Read More

We present new Plateau de Bure Interferometer observations of a region in the filamentary infrared-dark cloud (IRDC) G011.11-0.12 containing young, star-forming cores. Read More

L1642 is one of the two high galactic latitude (|b| > 30deg) clouds confirmed to have active star formation. We examine the properties of this cloud, especially the large-scale structure, dust properties, and compact sources in different stages of star formation. We present high-resolution far-infrared and submm observations with the Herschel and AKARI satellites and mm observations with the AzTEC/ASTE telescope, which we combined with archive data from near- and mid-infrared (2MASS, WISE) to mm observations (Planck). Read More

We demonstrate the use of the AKARI survey photometric data in the study of galactic star formation. Our aim was to select young stellar objects (YSOs) in the AKARI FIS catalogue. We used AKARI Far-Infrared Surveyor and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer data to derive mid- and far-infrared colours of YSOs. Read More

We examine the cloud structure around the Planck detections in 71 fields observed with the Herschel SPIRE instrument. We wish to determine the general physical characteristics of the fields and to examine the morphology of the clouds where the cold high column density clumps are found. We derive colour temperature and column density maps of the fields. Read More

Authors: Planck Collaboration, P. A. R. Ade, N. Aghanim, M. Arnaud, M. Ashdown, J. Aumont, C. Baccigalupi, A. Balbi, A. J. Banday, R. B. Barreiro, J. G. Bartlett, E. Battaner, K. Benabed, A. Benoît, J. -P. Bernard, M. Bersanelli, R. Bhatia, J. J. Bock, A. Bonaldi, J. R. Bond, J. Borrill, F. R. Bouchet, F. Boulanger, M. Bucher, C. Burigana, P. Cabella, C. M. Cantalupo, J. -F. Cardoso, A. Catalano, L. Cayón, A. Challinor, A. Chamballu, R. -R. Chary, L. -Y Chiang, P. R. Christensen, D. L. Clements, S. Colombi, F. Couchot, A. Coulais, B. P. Crill, F. Cuttaia, L. Danese, R. D. Davies, R. J. Davis, P. de Bernardis, G. de Gasperis, A. de Rosa, G. de Zotti, J. Delabrouille, J. -M. Delouis, F. -X. Désert, C. Dickinson, K. Dobashi, S. Donzelli, O. Doré, U. Dörl, M. Douspis, X. Dupac, G. Efstathiou, T. A. Enßlin, E. Falgarone, F. Finelli, O. Forni, M. Frailis, E. Franceschi, S. Galeotta, K. Ganga, M. Giard, G. Giardino, Y. Giraud-Héraud, J. González-Nuevo, K. M. Górski, S. Gratton, A. Gregorio, A. Gruppuso, F. K. Hansen, D. Harrison, G. Helou, S. Henrot-Versillé, D. Herranz, S. R. Hildebrandt, E. Hivon, M. Hobson, W. A. Holmes, W. Hovest, R. J. Hoyland, K. M. Huffenberger, A. H. Jaffe, G. Joncas, W. C. Jones, M. Juvela, E. Keihänen, R. Keskitalo, T. S. Kisner, R. Kneissl, L. Knox, H. Kurki-Suonio, G. Lagache, J. -M. Lamarre, A. Lasenby, R. J. Laureijs, C. R. Lawrence, S. Leach, R. Leonardi, C. Leroy, M. Linden-Vørnle, M. López-Caniego, P. M. Lubin, J. F. Macías-Pérez, C. J. MacTavish, B. Maffei, N. Mandolesi, R. Mann, M. Maris, D. J. Marshall, P. Martin, E. Martínez-González, G. Marton, S. Masi, S. Matarrese, F. Matthai, P. Mazzotta, P. McGehee, A. Melchiorri, L. Mendes, A. Mennella, S. Mitra, M. -A. Miville-Deschênes, A. Moneti, L. Montier, G. Morgante, D. Mortlock, D. Munshi, A. Murphy, P. Naselsky, F. Nati, P. Natoli, C. B. Netterfield, H. U. Nørgaard-Nielsen, F. Noviello, D. Novikov, I. Novikov, S. Osborne, F. Pajot, R. Paladini, F. Pasian, G. Patanchon, T. J. Pearson, V. -M. Pelkonen, O. Perdereau, L. Perotto, F. Perrotta, F. Piacentini, M. Piat, S. Plaszczynski, E. Pointecouteau, G. Polenta, N. Ponthieu, T. Poutanen, G. Prézeau, S. Prunet, J. -L. Puget, W. T. Reach, R. Rebolo, M. Reinecke, C. Renault, S. Ricciardi, T. Riller, I. Ristorcelli, G. Rocha, C. Rosset, M. Rowan-Robinson, J. A. Rubiño-Martín, B. Rusholme, M. Sandri, D. Santos, G. Savini, D. Scott, M. D. Seiffert, G. F. Smoot, J. -L. Starck, F. Stivoli, V. Stolyarov, R. Sudiwala, J. -F. Sygnet, J. A. Tauber, L. Terenzi, L. Toffolatti, M. Tomasi, J. -P. Torre, V. Toth, M. Tristram, J. Tuovinen, G. Umana, L. Valenziano, P. Vielva, F. Villa, N. Vittorio, L. A. Wade, B. D. Wandelt, N. Ysard, D. Yvon, A. Zacchei, S. Zahorecz, A. Zonca

We present the statistical properties of the first version of the Cold Core Catalogue of Planck Objects (C3PO), in terms of their spatial distribution, temperature, distance, mass, and morphology. We also describe the statistics of the Early Cold Core Catalogue (ECC, delivered with the Early Release Compact Source Catalogue, ERCSC) that is the subset of the 915 most reliable detections of the complete catalogue. We have used the CoCoCoDeT algorithm to extract 10783 cold sources. Read More