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The UED (ultrafast electron diffraction) beamline of the KAERI's (the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute's) WCI (World Class Institute) Center has been successfully commissioned. We have measured the beam emittance by using the quadrupole scan technique and the charge by using a novel measurement system we have developed. In the quadrupole scan, a larger drift distance between the quadrupole and the screen is preferred because it gives a better thin-lens approximation. Read More

The Polarized Electrons for Polarized Positrons experiment at the injector of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility has demonstrated for the first time the efficient transfer of polarization from electrons to positrons produced by the polarized bremsstrahlung radiation induced by a polarized electron beam in a high-$Z$ target. Positron polarization up to 82\% have been measured for an initial electron beam momentum of 8.19~MeV/$c$, limited only by the electron beam polarization. Read More