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Uncertainty quantification (UQ) has received much attention in the literature in the past decade. In this context, Sparse Polynomial chaos expansions (PCE) have been shown to be among the most promising methods because of their ability to model highly complex models at relatively low computational costs. A least-square minimization technique may be used to determine the coefficients of the sparse PCE by relying on the so called experimental design (ED), i. Read More

Global sensitivity analysis is now established as a powerful approach for determining the key random input parameters that drive the uncertainty of model output predictions. Yet the classical computation of the so-called Sobol' indices is based on Monte Carlo simulation, which is not affordable when computationally expensive models are used, as it is the case in most applications in engineering and applied sciences. In this respect metamodels such as polynomial chaos expansions (PCE) and Gaussian processes (GP) have received tremendous attention in the last few years, as they allow one to replace the original, taxing model by a surrogate which is built from an experimental design of limited size. Read More

Frequency response functions (FRFs) are important for assessing the behavior of stochastic linear dynamic systems. For large systems, their evaluations are time-consuming even for a single simulation. In such cases, uncertainty quantification by crude Monte-Carlo simulation is not feasible. Read More