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A detailed understanding of the relation between microscopic structure and phonon propagation at the nan oscale is essential to design materials with desired phononic and thermal properties.Here we uncover a new mechanism of phonon interaction in surface oxidized membranes, i.e. Read More

Existing theoretical models of the interfacial thermal conductance, i.e., Kapitza conductance, of insulating solid-fluid interfaces only consider bulk properties, e. Read More

From the measurement of dielectric, ferroelectric, and magnetic properties we observe simultaneous ferroelectric and magnetic transitions around $\sim$600 K in orthorhombic LuFeO$_3$. We also observe suppression of the remanent polarization by $\sim$95\% under a magnetic field of $\sim$15 kOe at room temperature. The extent of suppression of the polarization under magnetic field increases monotonically with the field. Read More

Self-assembled monolayers of 1,3,5-tris(4'-biphenyl-4"-carbonitrile)benzene, a large functional trinitrile molecule, on the (111) surfaces of copper and silver under ultrahigh vacuum conditions were studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and low-energy electron diffraction. A densely packed hydrogen-bonded polymorph was equally observed on both surfaces. Additionally, deposition onto Cu(111) yielded a well-ordered metal-coordinated porous polymorph that coexisted with the hydrogen-bonded structure. Read More

The structural, optical and magnetic properties of the Zn1-xMnxO (0 < x < 0.05) thin films synthesized by sol-gel technique have been analyzed in the light of modification of the electronic structure and disorder developed in the samples due to Mn doping. The films are of single phase in nature and no formation of any secondary phase has been detected from structural analysis. Read More

The present work aims to study the effect of ion irradiation on structural and electrical properties and their correlation with the defects in Zn1-xMnxO type system. Zn1-xMnxO (x = 0.02, 0. Read More

Single phase Mn doped (2 at %) ZnO samples have been synthesized by solid-state reaction technique. Before the final sintering at 500 C, the mixed powders have been milled for different milling periods (6, 24, 48 and 96 hours). The grain sizes of the samples are very close to each other (~ 32 \pm 4 nm). Read More

The properties of the ground state of liquid $^4$He are studied using a correlated basis function of the form $\prod_{iRead More