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The quenching of the experimental spectroscopic factor for proton emission from the short-lived $d_{3/2}$ isomeric state in $^{151m}$Lu was a long-standing problem. In the present work, proton emission from this isomer has been reinvestigated in an experiment at the Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Jyv\"{a}skyl\"{a}. The proton-decay energy and half-life of this isomer were measured to be 1295(5) keV and 15. Read More

A measurement of 74Ge(p,gamma)75As at low proton energies, inside the astrophysically relevant energy region, is important in several respects. The reaction is directly important as it is a bottleneck in the reaction flow which produces the lightest p nucleus 74Se. It is also an important addition to the data set required to test reaction-rate predictions and to allow an improvement in the global p+nucleus optical potential required in such calculations. Read More

The yrast sequence of the neutron-rich dysprosium isotope 168Dy has been studied using multi-nucleon transfer reactions following collisions between a 460-MeV 82Se beam and a 170Er target. The reaction products were identified using the PRISMA magnetic spectrometer and the gamma rays detected using the CLARA HPGe-detector array. The 2+ and 4+ members of the previously measured ground state rotational band of 168Dy have been confirmed and the yrast band extended up to 10+. Read More