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In a multiparty message-passing model of communication, there are $k$ players. Each player has a private input, and they communicate by sending messages to one another over private channels. While this model has been used extensively in distributed computing and in multiparty computation, lower bounds on communication complexity in this model and related models have been somewhat scarce. Read More

We study the problem of clock synchronization in highly dynamic networks, where communication links can appear or disappear at any time. The nodes in the network are equipped with hardware clocks, but the rate of the hardware clocks can vary arbitrarily within specific bounds, and the estimates that nodes can obtain about the clock values of other nodes are inherently inaccurate. Our goal in this setting is to output a logical clock at each node, such that the logical clocks of any two nodes are not too far apart, and nodes that remain close to each other in the network for a long time are better synchronized than distant nodes. Read More

In this paper we suggest a method by which reference broadcast synchronization (RBS), and other methods of estimating clock values, can be incorporated in standard clock synchronization algorithms to improve synchronization quality. We advocate a logical separation of the task of estimating the clock values of other nodes in the network from the task of using these estimates to output a logical clock value. The separation is achieved by means of a virtual estimate graph, overlaid on top of the real network graph, which represents the information various nodes can obtain about each other. Read More