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Ronak M. Soni

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We consider the entanglement entropy for a free $U(1)$ theory in $3 + 1$ dimensions in the extended Hilbert space definition. By taking the continuum limit carefully we obtain a replica trick path integral which calculates this entanglement entropy. The path integral is gauge invariant, with a gauge fixing delta function accompanied by a Faddeev-Popov determinant. Read More

A definition for the entanglement entropy in a gauge theory was given recently in arXiv:1501.02593. Working on a spatial lattice, it involves embedding the physical state in an extended Hilbert space obtained by taking the tensor product of the Hilbert space of states on each link of the lattice. Read More

We propose a definition for the entanglement entropy of a gauge theory on a spatial lattice. Our definition applies to any subset of links in the lattice, and is valid for both Abelian and Non-Abelian gauge theories. For $\mathbb{Z}_N$ and $U(1)$ theories, without matter, our definition agrees with a particular case of the definition given by Casini, Huerta and Rosabal. Read More