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In this contribution we review the recent progress in the modeling of Pulsar Wind Nebulae (PWN). We start with a brief overview of the relevant physical processes in the magnetosphere, the wind-zone and the inflated nebula bubble. Radiative signatures and particle transport processes obtained from 3D simulations of PWN are discussed in the context of optical and X-ray observations. Read More

We report on Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO) observations of the pulsar wind nebula (PWN) associated with PSR B0355+54 (eight observations with a 395 ks total exposure, performed over an 8 month period). We investigated the spatial and spectral properties of the emission coincident with the pulsar, compact nebula (CN), and extended tail. We find that the CN morphology can be interpreted in a way that suggests a small angle between the pulsar spin axis and our line-of-sight, as inferred from the radio data. Read More

The morphology of young Pulsar Wind Nebulae (PWN) is largely determined by the properties of the wind injected by the pulsar. We have used a recent parametrization of the wind obtained from Force Free Electrodynamics simulations of pulsar magnetospheres to simulate nebulae for different sets of pulsar parameters. We performed axisymmetric Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics simulations to test the morphology dependence of the nebula on the obliquity of the pulsar and on the magnetization of the pulsar wind. Read More

Authors: Fabio Acero, Markus Ackermann, Marco Ajello, Luca Baldini, Jean Ballet, Guido Barbiellini, Denis Bastieri, Ronaldo Bellazzini, E. Bissaldi, Roger Blandford, E. D. Bloom, Raffaella Bonino, Eugenio Bottacini, J. Bregeon, Philippe Bruel, Rolf Buehler, S. Buson, G. A. Caliandro, Rob A. Cameron, R Caputo, Micaela Caragiulo, Patrizia A. Caraveo, Jean Marc Casandjian, Elisabetta Cavazzuti, Claudia Cecchi, A. Chekhtman, J. Chiang, G. Chiaro, Stefano Ciprini, R. Claus, J. M. Cohen, Johann Cohen-Tanugi, L. R. Cominsky, B. Condon, Jan Conrad, S. Cutini, F. D'Ammando, A. Angelis, F. Palma, Rachele Desiante, S. W. Digel, L. Venere, Persis S Drell, Alex Drlica-Wagner, C. Favuzzi, E. C. Ferrara, Anna Franckowiak, Prof. Yasushi Fukazawa, Prof. Stefan Funk, P. Fusco, Fabio Gargano, Dario Gasparrini, Nicola Giglietto, Paolo Giommi, Francesco Giordano, Marcello Giroletti, Tom Glanzman, Gary Godfrey, G A. Gomez-Vargas, I. A. Grenier, M. -H. Grondin, L. Guillemot, Sylvain Guiriec, M Gustafsson, D. Hadasch, A. K. Harding, M. Hayashida, Elizabeth Hays, J. W. Hewitt, A. B. Hill, Deirdre Horan, X. Hou, Giulia Iafrate, Tobias Jogler, G. J'ohannesson, Anthony S. Johnson, T. Kamae, Hideaki Katagiri, Prof. Jun Kataoka, Junichiro Katsuta, Matthew Kerr, J. Knodlseder, Prof. Dale Kocevski, M. Kuss, Helene Laffon, J. Lande, S. Larsson, Luca Latronico, Marianne Lemoine-Goumard, J. Li, L. Li, Francesco Longo, Francesco Loparco, Michael N. Lovellette, Pasquale Lubrano, J. Magill, S. Maldera, Martino Marelli, Michael Mayer, M. N. Mazziotta, Peter F. Michelson, Warit Mitthumsiri, Tsunefumi Mizuno, Alexander A. Moiseev, Maria Elena Monzani, E. Moretti, Aldo Morselli, Igor V. Moskalenko, Prof. Simona Murgia, Prof. Rodrigo Nemmen, Eric Nuss, Takashi Ohsugi, Nicola Omodei, Monica Orienti, Elena Orlando, Jonathan F. Ormes, David Paneque, J. S. Perkins, Melissa Pesce-Rollins, Prof. Vahe' Petrosian, Frederic Piron, Giovanna Pivato, Troy Porter, S. Rain`o, Riccardo Rando, Massimiliano Razzano, Soebur Razzaque, Anita Reimer, Prof. Olaf Reimer, Matthieu Renaud, Thierry Reposeur, Mr. Romain Rousseau, P. M. Parkinson, J. Schmid, A. Schulz, C. Sgr`o, Eric J Siskind, Francesca Spada, Gloria Spandre, Paolo Spinelli, Andrew W. Strong, Daniel Suson, Hiro Tajima, Hiromitsu Takahashi, T. Tanaka, Jana B. Thayer, D. J. Thompson, L. Tibaldo, Omar Tibolla, Prof. Diego F. Torres, Gino Tosti, Eleonora Troja, Yasunobu Uchiyama, G. Vianello, B. Wells, Kent Wood, M. Wood, Manal Yassine, Stephan Zimmer

To uniformly determine the properties of supernova remnants (SNRs) at high energies, we have developed the first systematic survey at energies from 1 to 100 GeV using data from the Fermi Large Area Telescope. Based on the spatial overlap of sources detected at GeV energies with SNRs known from radio surveys, we classify 30 sources as likely GeV SNRs. We also report 14 marginal associations and 245 flux upper limits. Read More

Gamma-ray observations give us a direct view into the most extreme environments of the universe. They help us to study astronomical particle accelerators as supernovae remnants, pulsars, active galaxies or gamma-ray bursts and help us to understand the propagation of cosmic rays through our Milky Way. This article summarizes the status of gamma-ray observations from space; it is the write-up of a rapporteur talk given at the 34th ICRC in The Hague, The Netherlands. Read More

The Crab nebula and its pulsar (referred to together as "Crab") have historically played a central role in astrophysics. True to their legacy, several unique discoveries have been made recently. The Crab was found to emit gamma-ray pulsations up to energies of 400 GeV, beyond what was previously expected from pulsars. Read More