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Blockchain technology promises a sizable potential for executing inter-organizational business processes without requiring a central party serving as a single point of trust (and failure). This paper analyzes its impact on business process management (BPM). We structure the discussion using two BPM frameworks, namely the six BPM core capabilities and the BPM lifecycle. Read More

In April 2016, a community of researchers working in the area of Principles of Data Management (PDM) joined in a workshop at the Dagstuhl Castle in Germany. The workshop was organized jointly by the Executive Committee of the ACM Symposium on Principles of Database Systems (PODS) and the Council of the International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT). The mission of this workshop was to identify and explore some of the most important research directions that have high relevance to society and to Computer Science today, and where the PDM community has the potential to make significant contributions. Read More

The Alexandria system under development at IBM Research provides an extensible framework and platform for supporting a variety of big-data analytics and visualizations. The system is currently focused on enabling rapid exploration of text-based social media data. The system provides tools to help with constructing "domain models" (i. Read More

We consider Location-based Service (LBS) settings, where a LBS provider logs the requests sent by mobile device users over a period of time and later wants to publish/share these logs. Log sharing can be extremely valuable for advertising, data mining research and network management, but it poses a serious threat to the privacy of LBS users. Sender anonymity solutions prevent a malicious attacker from inferring the interests of LBS users by associating them with their service requests after gaining access to the anonymized logs. Read More

A computational model for the acquisition of knowledge from encyclopedic texts is described. The model has been implemented in a program, called SNOWY, that reads unedited texts from {\em The World Book Encyclopedia}, and acquires new concepts and conceptual relations about topics dealing with the dietary habits of animals, their classifications and habitats. The program is also able to answer an ample set of questions about the knowledge that it has acquired. Read More