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High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (2)
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We investigate an effective torsion curvature in a second order formalism underlying a two form world-volume dynamics in a $D_5$-brane. In particular, we consider the two form in presence of a background (open string) metric in a $U(1)$ gauge theory. Interestingly the formalism may be viewed via a non-coincident pair of $(D{\bar D})_5$-brane with a global NS two form on an anti brane and a local two form on a brane. Read More

We revisit an effective space-time torsion curvature in a second order formalism, underlying the non-linear $U(1)$ gauge dynamics, of a two form on a $D_4$-brane in type IIA superstring theory. The formalism incorporates the significance of a global NS two form into the theory via its perturbative coupling to a dynamical two form. In particular, we explore the non-linear gauge dynamics on a $D_4$-brane in presence of a non-trivial background metric. Read More