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Energy spectra of galactic cosmic rays calculated within the framework of the NoRD (nonlocal relativistic diffusion) model are presented. The model accounts for the turbulent character of the interstellar medium and the relativistic speed limit requirement. Calculations account for spiral distribution of sources, boundedness of halo, spallation of nuclei, energy dependence of the diffusion coefficient, tempered power law injection spectrum. Read More

We continue to develop a new approach to description of charge kinetics in disordered semiconductors. It is based on fractional diffusion equations. This article is devoted to transient processes in structures under dispersive transport conditions. Read More

Fractional differential approach to cosmic ray physics problems is discussed. A short review in this field is given, some results are represented, analyzed and criticized. A new model called the bounded anomalous diffusion model is offered. Read More

The fractional Boltzmann equation for resonance radiation transport in plasma is proposed. We start from the standard Boltzmann equation, averaging over frequencies leads to appearance of fractional derivative. This fact is in accordance with the conception of latent variables leading to hereditary and non-local dynamics (in particular, fractional dynamics). Read More

Probabilistic interpretation of transition from the dispersive transport regime to the quasi-Gaussian one in disordered semiconductors is given in terms of truncated Levy distributions. Corresponding transport equations with fractional order derivatives are derived. We discuss physical causes leading to truncated waiting time distributions in the process and describe influence of truncation on carrier packet form, transient current curves and frequency dependence of conductivity. Read More

A fractional relaxation equation in dielectrics with response function of the Havriliak-Negami type is derived. An explicit expression for the fractional operator in this equation is obtained and Monte Carlo algorithm for calculation of action of this operator is constructed. Relaxation functions calculated numerically according to this scheme coincide with analytical functions obtained earlier by other authors. Read More

Fractional generalizations of the Poisson process and branching Furry process are considered. The link between characteristics of the processes, fractional differential equations and Levy stable densities are discussed and used for construction of the Monte Carlo algorithm for simulation of random waiting times in fractional processes. Numerical calculations are performed and limit distributions of the normalized variable Z=N/ are found for both processes. Read More

A new statistical model of charge transport in colloidal quantum dot arrays is proposed. It takes into account Coulomb blockade forbidding multiple occupancy of nanocrystals and influence of energetic disorder of interdot space. The model explains power law current transients and the presence of memory effect. Read More