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Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons (3)
Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect (2)
High Energy Physics - Theory (1)
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology (1)
Physics - Optics (1)
Quantum Physics (1)
Physics - Superconductivity (1)
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Publications Authored By Ren Bi

Majorana zero modes are usually attributed to topological superconductors. We study a class of two-dimensional topologically trivial superconductors without chiral edge modes, which nevertheless host robust Majorana zero modes in topological defects. The construction of the specific single-band model is facilitated by the Hopf map and the Hopf invariant. Read More

Backscattering-immune chiral modes arise along certain line defect in three-dimensional materials. We study Floquet chiral modes along Floquet defects, namely, the topological defects come entirely from spatial modulations of periodic driving. We define a precise topological invariant that counts the number of Floquet chiral modes, which is expressed as an integral on a five-dimensional torus parameterized by $(k_x,k_y,k_z,\theta,t)$. Read More

Unidirectional transports have been observed in two-dimensional systems, however, so far they have not been experimentally observed in three-dimensional bulk materials. In this theoretical work we show that the recently discovered Weyl materials provide a platform for unidirectional transports inside bulk materials. With high experimental feasibility, a complex Dirac mass can be generated and manipulated in the photonic Weyl crystals, creating unidirectionally propagating modes observable in transmission experiments. Read More