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The worldvolume actions of 3+1 dimensional bosonic branes embedded in a five-dimensional bulk space can lead to important effective field theories, such as the DBI conformal Galileons, and may, when the Null Energy Condition is violated, play an essential role in cosmological theories of the early universe. These include Galileon Genesis and "bouncing'' cosmology, where a pre-Big Bang contracting phase bounces smoothly to the presently observed expanding universe. Perhaps the most natural arena for such branes to arise is within the context of superstring and $M$-theory vacua. Read More

It is shown that in the phenomenologically realistic supersymmetric $B-L$ MSSM theory, a linear combination of the neutral, up Higgs field with the third family left-and right-handed sneutrinos can play the role of the cosmological inflaton. Assuming that supersymmetry is softly broken at a mass scale of order $10^{13}~\mathrm{GeV}$, the potential energy associated with this field allows for 60 e-foldings of inflation with the cosmological parameters being consistent with all Planck2015 data. The theory does not require any non-standard coupling to gravity and the physical fields are all sub-Planckian during the inflationary epoch. Read More

In previous work, we presented a statistical scan over the soft supersymmetry breaking parameters of the minimal SUSY $B-L$ model. For specificity of calculation, unification of the gauge parameters was enforced by allowing the two ${\mathbb Z}_{3}\times {\mathbb Z}_{3}$ Wilson lines to have mass scales separated by approximately an order of magnitude. This introduced an additional "left-right" sector below the unification scale. Read More