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Text Proposals have emerged as a class-dependent version of object proposals - efficient approaches to reduce the search space of possible text object locations in an image. Combined with strong word classifiers, text proposals currently yield top state of the art results in end-to-end scene text recognition. In this paper we propose an improvement over the original Text Proposals algorithm of Gomez and Karatzas (2016), combining it with Fully Convolutional Networks to improve the ranking of proposals. Read More

Let $F$ be either $\mathbb{R}$ or a finite extension of $\mathbb{Q}_p$, and let $G$ be a finite central extension of the group of $F$-points of a reductive group defined over $F$. Also let $\pi$ be a smooth representation of $G$ (Frechet of moderate growth if $F=\mathbb{R}$). For each nilpotent orbit $\mathcal{O}$ we consider a certain Whittaker quotient $\pi_{\mathcal{O}}$ of $\pi$. Read More

We study generalized and degenerate Whittaker models for reductive groups over local fields of characteristic zero (archimedean or non-archimedean). Our main result is the construction of epimorphisms from the generalized Whittaker model corresponding to a nilpotent orbit to any degenerate Whittaker model corresponding to the same orbit, and to certain degenerate Whittaker models corresponding to bigger orbits. We also give choice-free definitions of generalized and degenerate Whittaker models. Read More

Let $(G,\tilde{G})$ be a reductive dual pair over a local field ${\Fontauri k}$ of characteristic 0, and denote by $V$ and $\tilde{V}$ the standard modules of $G$ and $\tilde{G}$, respectively. Consider the set $Max Hom(V,\tilde{V})$ of full rank elements in $Hom(V,\tilde{V})$, and the nilpotent orbit correspondence $\mathcal{O} \subset \mathfrak{g}$ and $\Theta (\mathcal{O})\subset \tilde{\mathfrak{g}}$ induced by elements of $Max Hom(V,\tilde{V})$ via the moment maps. Let $(\pi,\mathscr{V})$ be a smooth irreducible representation of $G$. Read More

Let $G$ be a simple Lie Group with finite center, and let $K\subset G$ be a maximal compact subgroup. We say that $G$ is a Lie group of tube type if $G/K$ is a hermitian symmetric space of tube type. For such a Lie group $G$, we can find a parabolic subgroup $P=MAN$, with given Langlands decomposition, such that $N$ is abelian, and $N$ admits a generic character with compact stabilizer. Read More

In a recent preprint, Sakellaridis and Venkatesh considered the spectral decomposition of the space $L^2(X)$, where $X = H\G$ is a spherical variety and $G$ is a real or $p$-adic group, and stated a conjecture describing this decomposition in terms of a dual group $\check{G}_X$ associated to $X$. The main purpose of this paper is to verify the above conjecture in many cases when $X$, has low rank. In particular, we demonstrate this conjecture for many cases when $X$ has rank 1, and also some cases when $X$ has rank 2 or 3. Read More

A holomorphic continuation of Jacquet type integrals for parabolic subgroups with abelian nilradical is studied. Complete results are given for generic characters with compact stabilizer and arbitrary representations induced from admissible representations. A description of all of the pertinent examples is given. Read More

This paper treats two topics: matrices with sign patterns and Jacobians of certain mappings. The main topic is counting the number of plus and minus coefficients in the determinant expansion of sign patterns and of these Jacobians. The paper is motivated by an approach to chemical networks initiated by Craciun and Feinberg. Read More