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Due to their capability to reduce turbulent transport in magnetized plasmas, understanding the dynamics of zonal flows is an important problem in the fusion programme. Since the pioneering work by Rosenbluth and Hinton in axisymmetric tokamaks, it is known that studying the linear and collisionless relaxation of zonal flow perturbations gives valuable information and physical insight. Recently, the problem has been investigated in stellarators and it has been found that in these devices the relaxation process exhibits a characteristic feature: a damped oscillation. Read More

It is shown that a considerable improvement in the global gyrokinetic electromagnetic simulations can be achieved by a slight modification of the simulation scheme. The new scheme is verified, simulating a Toroidal Alfv\'en Eigenmode in tokamak geometry at low perpendicular mode numbers, the so-called "MHD limit". Also, an electromagnetic drift mode has been successfully simulated in a stellarator. Read More