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With the increasing of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in recent years, the impact of EV charging activities to the power grid becomes more and more significant. In this article, an optimal scheduling algorithm which combines smart EV charging and V2G gird service is developed to integrate EVs into power grid as distributed energy resources, with improved system cost performance. Specifically, an optimization problem is formulated and solved at each EV charging station according to control signal from aggregated control center and user charging behavior prediction by mean estimation and linear regression. Read More

The trending integrations of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS, stationary battery) and Electric Vehicles (EV, mobile battery) to distribution grids call for advanced Demand Side Management (DSM) technique that addresses the scalability concerns of the system and stochastic availabilities of EVs. Towards this goal, a stochastic DSM is proposed to capture the uncertainties in EVs. Numerical approximation is then used to make the problem tractable. Read More

This paper considers a typical solar installations scenario with limited sensing resources. In the literature, there exist either day-ahead solar generation prediction methods with limited accuracy, or high accuracy short timescale methods that are not suitable for applications requiring longer term prediction. We propose a two-tier (global-tier and local-tier) prediction method to improve accuracy for long term (24 hour) solar generation prediction using only the historical power data. Read More

The response time of the smart electrical vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is the key index of the system performance. The traffic between the smart EV charging station and the control center dominates the response time of the smart charging stations. To accelerate the response of the smart EV charging station, there is a need for a technology that collects the information locally and relays it to the control center periodically. Read More