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Publications Authored By Rahul Mishra

While current-induced spin-orbit torques (SOTs) have been extensively studied in ferromagnets and antiferromagnets, ferrimagnets have been less studied. Here we report the presence of enhanced spin-orbit torques resulting from negative exchange interaction in ferrimagnets. The effective field and switching efficiency increase substantially as CoGd approaches its compensation point, giving rise to 9 times larger spin-orbit torques compared to that of non-compensated one. Read More

Mobile peer-to-peer networks are quite prevalent and popular now days due to advent of business scenarios where all the services are going mobile like whether it's to find good restaurants, healthy diet books making friends, job-hunting, real state info or cab-sharing etc. As the mobile users are increasing day by day, peer-to-peer networks getting bigger and complex. In contrast to client server system in peer-to-peer network resource sharing is done on the basis of mutual consent and agreed policies with no central authority and controlling entity. Read More

We theoretically study the influence of a predominant field-like spin-orbit torque on the magnetization switching of small devices with a uniform magnetization. We show that for a certain range of ratios (0.23-0. Read More

The purpose of this paper is to explore a new way of autonomous mapping. Current systems using perception techniques like LAZER or SONAR use probabilistic methods and have a drawback of allowing considerable uncertainty in the mapping process. Our approach is to break down the environment, specifically indoor, into reachable areas and objects, separated by boundaries, and identifying their shape, to render various navigable paths around them. Read More

Temperature forecasting and rain forecasting in today's environment is playing a major role in many fields like transportation, tour planning and agriculture. The purpose of this paper is to provide a real time forecasting to the user according to their current position and requirement. The simplest method of forecasting the weather, persistence, relies upon today's conditions to forecast the conditions tomorrow i. Read More

In recent past extensive device simulation work has already been done on TFETs. Various ways have been suggested to model TFETs. In our paper we look at one such particular way to model these devices. Read More

In recent part extensive simulation work has already been done on TFETs. However this is limited to device performance analysis. Evaluation of circuit performance is a topic that is very little touched. Read More