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Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs (3)

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This article is devoted to the generalization of results obtained in 2002 by Jabin, Otto and Perthame. In their article they proved that planar vector fields taking value into the unit sphere of the euclidean norm and satisfying a given kinetic equation are locally Lipschitz. Here, we study the same question replacing the unit sphere of the euclidean norm by the unit sphere of \emph{any} norm. Read More

This article focuses on gradient vector fields of unit Euclidean norm in $\mathbb{R}^N$ . The stream functions associated to such vector fields solve the eikonal equation and the prototype is given by the distance function to a closed set. We introduce a kinetic formulation that characterizes stream functions whose level sets are either spheres or hyperplanes in dimension $N \geq 3$. Read More

We are interested in some energy functionals concentrated on the discontinuity lines of divergence-free 2D vector fields valued in the circle $\mathbb{S}^1$. This kind of energy has been introduced first by P. Aviles and Y. Read More