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Preferential attachment is an appealing mechanism for modeling power-law behavior of the degree distributions in directed social networks. In this paper, we consider methods for fitting a 5-parameter linear preferential model to network data under two data scenarios. In the case where full history of the network formation is given, we derive the maximum likelihood estimator of the parameters and show that it is strongly consistent and asymptotically normal. Read More

The use of empirical characteristic functions for inference problems, including estimation in some special parametric settings and testing for goodness of fit, has a long history dating back to the 70s (see for example, Feuerverger and Mureika (1977), Csorgo (1981a,1981b,1981c), Feuerverger (1993)). More recently, there has been renewed interest in using empirical characteristic functions in other inference settings. The distance covariance and correlation, developed by Szekely and Rizzo (2009) for measuring dependence and testing independence between two random vectors, are perhaps the best known illustrations of this. Read More

For the directed edge preferential attachment network growth model studied by Bollobas et al. (2003) and Krapivsky and Redner (2001), we prove that the joint distribution of in-degree and out-degree has jointly regularly varying tails. Typically the marginal tails of the in-degree distribution and the out-degree distribution have different regular variation indices and so the joint regular variation is non-standard. Read More