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We report the discovery of KELT-12b, a highly inflated Jupiter-mass planet transiting a mildly evolved host star. We identified the initial transit signal in the KELT-North survey data and established the planetary nature of the companion through precise follow-up photometry, high-resolution spectroscopy, precise radial velocity measurements, and high-resolution adaptive optics imaging. Our preferred best-fit model indicates that the $V = 10. Read More

We present photometric observations of RW Aurigae, a Classical T Tauri system, that reveal two remarkable dimming events. These events are similar to that which we observed in 2010-2011, which was the first such deep dimming observed in RW Aur in a century's worth of photometric monitoring. We suggested the 2010-2011 dimming was the result of an occultation of the star by its tidally disrupted circumstellar disk. Read More

This is a period study of the bright interacting southern eclipsing binary star R Arae. New photometric data are combined with archival data to determine R Ara's average mass transfer rate over the past 116 years through the analysis of the resulting ephemeris curve. An updated ephemeris is given. Read More

The eclipsing and strongly interacting binary star system R Arae (HD149730) is in a very active and very short-lived stage of its evolution. R Ara consists of a B9V primary and an unknown secondary. We have collected the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) archival data on R Ara, with most of the data being studied for the first time. Read More