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Publications Authored By Philipp J. Meyer

Population protocols are a well established model of computation by anonymous, identical finite state agents. A protocol is well-specified if from every initial configuration, all fair executions reach a common consensus. The central verification question for population protocols is the well-specification problem: deciding if a given protocol is well-specified. Read More

In-vehicle communication technologies are evolving. While today's cars are equipped with fieldbusses to interconnect the various electronic control units, next generation vehicles have timing and bandwidth requirements that exceed the capacities. In particular Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving using high bandwidth sensors such as cameras, LIDAR or radar will challenge the in-car network. Read More

Nonadiabatic ring-polymer molecular dynamics employs the mapping approach to describe nonadiabatic effects within the ring-polymer ansatz. In this paper, it is generalized to allow for the nuclear and electronic degrees of freedom to be described by different numbers of ring-polymer beads. Analysis of the resulting method shows that as the number of electronic mapping variables increases, certain problems associated with the approach are removed, such as the non-unique choice of the mapping Hamiltonian and negative populations leading to inverted potential-energy surfaces. Read More

Tabling in logic programming has been used to eliminate redundant computation and also to stop infinite loop. In this paper we investigate another possibility of tabling, i.e. Read More