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Philip D. Rack

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Physics - Materials Science (2)
Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons (2)
Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect (1)

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Atomically thin circuits have recently been explored for applications in next-generation electronics and optoelectronics and have been demonstrated with two-dimensional lateral heterojunctions. In order to form true 2D circuitry from a single material, electronic properties must be spatially tunable. Here, we report tunable transport behavior which was introduced into single layer tungsten diselenide and tungsten disulfide by focused He$^+$ irradiation. Read More

Electronically phase separated manganite wires are found to exhibit controllable metal-insulator transitions under local electric fields. The switching characteristics are shown to be fully reversible, polarity independent, and highly resistant to thermal breakdown caused by repeated cycling. It is further demonstrated that multiple discrete resistive states can be accessed in a single wire. Read More