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Methods are developed for eliciting a Dirichlet prior based upon bounds on the individual probabilities that hold with virtual certainty. This approach to selecting a prior is applied to a contingency table problem where it is demonstrated how to assess the bias in the prior as well as how to check for prior-data conflict. It is shown that the assessment of a hypothesis via relative belief can easily take into account what it means for the falsity of the hypothesis to correspond to a difference of practical importance and provide evidence in favor of a hypothesis. Read More

We theoretically study the Talbot effects resulted from the four-wave mixing and six-wave mixing signals, which are periodically modulated due to the coherence control effect. Corresponding to different dressing states, the enhancement and suppression conditions that will affect the properties of the multiwave mixing signals are also discussed in detail. Such proposal can be useful in all-optical-controlled pattern formation and propagation of light. Read More

In minimal supersymmetric standard model the R-parity violating interactions can induce anomalous top pair productions at the LHC through the t-channel process d_R \bar d_R -> t_L \bar t_L by exchanging a slepton or u-channel process d_R \bar d_R -> t_R \bar t_R by exchanging a squark. Such top pair productions with certain chirality cause top quark polarization in the top pair events. We found that at the LHC, due to the large statistics, the statistical significance of the polarization observable and thus the probing ability for the corresponding R-parity violating couplings are much higher than at the Tevatron upgrade. Read More