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We consider relative error low rank approximation of {\it tensors} with respect to the Frobenius norm: given an order-$q$ tensor $A \in \mathbb{R}^{\prod_{i=1}^q n_i}$, output a rank-$k$ tensor $B$ for which $\|A-B\|_F^2 \leq (1+\epsilon)$OPT, where OPT $= \inf_{\textrm{rank-}k~A'} \|A-A'\|_F^2$. Despite the success on obtaining relative error low rank approximations for matrices, no such results were known for tensors. One structural issue is that there may be no rank-$k$ tensor $A_k$ achieving the above infinum. Read More

We study the $\ell_1$-low rank approximation problem, where for a given $n \times d$ matrix $A$ and approximation factor $\alpha \geq 1$, the goal is to output a rank-$k$ matrix $\widehat{A}$ for which $$\|A-\widehat{A}\|_1 \leq \alpha \cdot \min_{\textrm{rank-}k\textrm{ matrices}~A'}\|A-A'\|_1,$$ where for an $n \times d$ matrix $C$, we let $\|C\|_1 = \sum_{i=1}^n \sum_{j=1}^d |C_{i,j}|$. This error measure is known to be more robust than the Frobenius norm in the presence of outliers and is indicated in models where Gaussian assumptions on the noise may not apply. The problem was shown to be NP-hard by Gillis and Vavasis and a number of heuristics have been proposed. Read More

We study distributed low rank approximation in which the matrix to be approximated is only implicitly represented across the different servers. For example, each of $s$ servers may have an $n \times d$ matrix $A^t$, and we may be interested in computing a low rank approximation to $A = f(\sum_{t=1}^s A^t)$, where $f$ is a function which is applied entrywise to the matrix $\sum_{t=1}^s A^t$. We show for a wide class of functions $f$ it is possible to efficiently compute a $d \times d$ rank-$k$ projection matrix $P$ for which $\|A - AP\|_F^2 \leq \|A - [A]_k\|_F^2 + \varepsilon \|A\|_F^2$, where $AP$ denotes the projection of $A$ onto the row span of $P$, and $[A]_k$ denotes the best rank-$k$ approximation to $A$ given by the singular value decomposition. Read More

We study the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) problem in the distributed and streaming models of computation. Given a matrix $A \in R^{m \times n},$ a rank parameter $k < rank(A)$, and an accuracy parameter $0 < \epsilon < 1$, we want to output an $m \times k$ orthonormal matrix $U$ for which $$ || A - U U^T A ||_F^2 \le \left(1 + \epsilon \right) \cdot || A - A_k||_F^2, $$ where $A_k \in R^{m \times n}$ is the best rank-$k$ approximation to $A$. This paper provides improved algorithms for distributed PCA and streaming PCA. Read More