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This article is devoted to the generalization of results obtained in 2002 by Jabin, Otto and Perthame. In their article they proved that planar vector fields taking value into the unit sphere of the euclidean norm and satisfying a given kinetic equation are locally Lipschitz. Here, we study the same question replacing the unit sphere of the euclidean norm by the unit sphere of \emph{any} norm. Read More

This paper slightly improves a classical result by Gangbo and McCann (1996) about the structure of optimal transport plans for costs that are concave functions of the Euclidean distance. Since the main difficulty for proving the existence of an optimal map comes from the possible singularity of the cost at $0$, everything is quite easy if the supports of the two measures are disjoint; Gangbo and McCann proved the result under the assumption $\mu(\spt(\nu))=0$; in this paper we replace this assumption with the fact that the two measures are singular to each other. In this case it is possible to prove the existence of an optimal transport map, provided the starting measure $\mu$ does not give mass to small sets (i. Read More

The main result of this paper is the existence of an optimal transport map $T$ between two given measures $\mu$ and $\nu$, for a cost which considers the maximal oscillation of $T$ at scale $\delta$, given by $\omega_\delta(T):=\sup_{|x-y|<\delta}|T(x)-T(y)|$. The minimization of this criterion finds applications in the field of privacy-respectful data transmission. The existence proof unfortunately only works in dimension one and is based on some monotonicity considerations. Read More