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Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect (1)
Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (1)

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Branch and bound searches are a common technique for solving global optimisation and decision problems, yet their irregularity, search order dependence, and the need to share bound information globally makes it challenging to implement them in parallel, and to reason about their parallel performance. We identify three key parallel search properties for replicable branch and bound implementations: Sequential Lower Bound, Non-increasing Runtimes, and Repeatability. We define a formal model for parallel branch and bound search problems and show its generality by using it to define three benchmarks: finding a Maximum Clique in a graph, 0/1 Knapsack and Travelling Salesperson (TSP). Read More

We report gate-tunable memristive switching in patterned LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces at cryogenic temperatures. The application of voltages in the order of a few volts to the back gate of the device allows controlling and switching-on and -off the inherent memory functionality (memristance). For large and small gate voltages a simple non-linear resistance characteristic is observed while a pinched hysteresis loop and memristive switching occurs in an intermediate voltage range. Read More