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Jets with a large radius $R\gtrsim 1$ and grooming algorithms are widely used to fully capture the decay products of boosted heavy particles at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Unlike most discriminating variables used in such studies, the jet radius is usually not optimized for specific physics scenarios. This is because every jet configuration must be calibrated, insitu, to account for detector response and other experimental effects. Read More

Composite Higgs models provide a natural, non-supersymmetric solution to the hierarchy problem. In these models, one or more sets of heavy top-partners are typically introduced. Some of these new quarks can be relatively light, with a mass of a few hundred GeV, and could be observed with the early LHC collision data expected to be collected during 2010. Read More

Using the OGLE catalogue of eclipsing binaries, 15 contact binaries were identified towards the SMC and the LMC at vertical distances from the Galactic plane between 300 pc and 10 kpc. Based on the luminosity function calculated for these contact binaries, we estimated a frequency of occurrence relative to Main Sequence stars in the thick disk at roughly 1/600. This estimate suffers from the small number statistics, but is consistent with the value previously found for the solar neighbourhood. Read More