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Item features play an important role in movie recommender systems, where recommendations can be generated by using explicit or implicit preferences of users on traditional features (attributes) such as tag, genre, and cast. Typically, movie features are human-generated, either editorially (e.g. Read More

One of the main challenges in Recommender Systems (RSs) is the New User problem which happens when the system has to generate personalised recommendations for a new user whom the system has no information about. Active Learning tries to solve this problem by acquiring user preference data with the maximum quality, and with the minimum acquisition cost. Although there are variety of works in active learning for RSs research area, almost all of them have focused only on the single-domain recommendation scenario. Read More

Recently, sparse representation based visual tracking methods have attracted increasing attention in the computer vision community. Although achieve superior performance to traditional tracking methods, however, a basic problem has not been answered yet --- that whether the sparsity constrain is really needed for visual tracking? To answer this question, in this paper, we first propose a robust non-sparse representation based tracker and then conduct extensive experiments to compare it against several state-of-the-art sparse representation based trackers. Our experiment results and analysis indicate that the proposed non-sparse tracker achieved competitive tracking accuracy with sparse trackers while having faster running speed, which support our non-sparse tracker to be used in practical applications. Read More