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In this paper we will consider oscillations of square viscoelastic membranes by adding to the wave equation another term, which takes into account the memory. To this end, we will study a class of integrodifferential equations in square domains. By using accurate estimates of the spectral properties of the integrodifferential operator, we will prove an inverse observability inequality. Read More

We solve the reachability problem for a coupled wave-wave system with an integro-differential term. The control functions act on one side of the boundary. The estimates on the time is given in terms of the parameters of the problem and they are explicitly computed thanks to Ingham type results. Read More

We consider an anisotropic hyperbolic equation with memory term: $$ \partial_t^2 u(x,t) = \sum_{i,j=1}^n \partial_i(a_{ij}(x)\partial_ju) + \int^t_0 \sum_{| \alpha| \le 2} b_{\alpha}(x,t,\eta)\partial_x^{\alpha}u(x,\eta) d\eta + F(x,t) $$ for $x \in \Omega$ and $t\in (0,T)$ or $\in (-T,T)$, which is a model equation for viscoelasticity. First we establish a Carleman estimate for this equation with overdetermining boundary data on a suitable lateral subboundary $\Gamma \times (-T,T)$. Second we apply the Carleman estimate to establish a both-sided estimate of $| u(\cdot,0)|_{H^3(\Omega)}$ by $\partial_{\nu}u|_{\Gamma\times (0,T)}$ under the assumption that $\partial_tu(\cdot,0) = 0$ and $T>0$ is sufficiently large, $\Gamma \subset \partial\Omega$ satisfies some geometric condition. Read More

Cantor's ternary function is generalized to arbitrary base-change functions in non-integer bases. Some of them share the curious properties of Cantor's function, while others behave quite differently. Read More

In this paper we show two results. In the first result we consider $\lambda_n-n=\frac{A}{n^\alpha}$ for $n\in\mathbb N$; if $\alpha>1/2$ and $0Read More

A classical theorem of Ingham extended Parseval's formula of the trigonometrical system to arbitrary families of exponentials satisfying a uniform gap condition. Later his result was extended to several dimensions, but the optimal integration domains have only been determined in very few cases. The purpose of this paper is to determine the optimal connected integration domains for all regular two-dimensional lattices. Read More

The presented research work considers a mathematical model for energy of the signal at the output of an ideal DAC, in presence of sampling clock jitter. When sampling clock jitter occurs, the energy of the signal at the output of ideal DAC does not satisfies a Parseval identity. Nevertheless, an estimation of the signal energy is here shown by a direct method involving sinc functions. Read More

In this paper we are interested to the zygodactyly phenomenon in birds, and in particolar in parrots. This arrangement, common in species living on trees, is a distribution of the foot with two toes facing forward and two back. We give a model for the foot, and thanks to the methods of iterated function system we are able to describe the reachability set. Read More

We study a robot snake model based on a discrete linear control system involving Fibonacci sequence and closely related to the theory of expansions in non-integer bases. The present paper includes an investigation of the reachable workspace, a more general analysis of the control system underlying the model, its reachability and local controllability properties and the relation with expansions in non-integer bases and with iterated function systems. Read More

The equivalence between logarithmic Sobolev inequalities and hypercontractivity of solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations has been proved in [5]. We consider a semi-Lagrangian approximation scheme for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation and we prove that the solution of the discrete problem satisfies a hypercontractivity estimate. We apply this property to obtain an error estimate of the set where the truncation error is concentrated. Read More

We investigate control problems for wave-Petrovsky coupled systems in the presence of memory terms. By writing the solutions as Fourier series, we are able to prove Ingham type estimates, and hence reachability results. Our findings have applications in viscoelasticity theory and linear acoustic theory. Read More

Since the works of Haraux and Jaffard we know that rectangular plates may be observed by subregions not satisfying the geometrical control condition. We improve these results by observing only on an arbitrarily short segment inside the domain. The estimates may be strengthened by observing on several well-chosen segments. Read More

We study a robot hand model in the framework of the theory of expansions in non-integer bases. We investigate the reachable workspace and we study some configurations enjoying form closure properties. Read More

We show a large time behavior result for class of weakly coupled systems of first-order Hamilton-Jacobi equations in the periodic setting. We use a PDE approach to extend the convergence result proved by Namah and Roquejoffre (1999) in the scalar case. Our proof is based on new comparison, existence and regularity results for systems. Read More

We formulate and discuss a conjecture which would extend a classical inequality of Bernstein. Read More

Expansions in noninteger positive bases have been intensively investigated since the pioneering works of R\'enyi (1957) and Parry (1960). The discovery of surprising unique expansions in certain noninteger bases by Erd\H os, Horv\'ath and Jo\'o (1991) was followed by many studies aiming to clarify the topological and combinatorial nature of the sets of these bases. In the present work we extend some of these studies to more general, negative or complex bases. Read More

In this paper we study homogenization for a class of monotone systems of first-order time-dependent periodic Hamilton-Jacobi equations. We characterize the Hamiltonians of the limit problem by appropriate cell problems. Hence we show the uniform convergence of the solution of the oscillating systems to the bounded uniformly continuous solution of the homogenized system. Read More

We establish discrete Ingham type and Haraux type inequalities for exponential sums satisfying a weakened gap condition. They enable us to obtain discrete simultaneous observability theorems for systems of vibrating strings or beams. Read More