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Industrial radiography has its inimitable role in non-destructive examinations. Industrial radiography devices, consisting of significantly high activity of the radioisotopes, are operated manually by remotely held control unit. Malfunctioning of these devices may cause potential exposure to the operator and nearby public, and thus should be practiced under a systematic risk control. Read More

We at RRCAT have recently developed high power laser diodes in the wavelength range of 740 to 1000 nm. A typical semiconductor laser structure is consisted of about 10 epilayers with different composition, thickness and doping values. For example, a laser diode operating at 0. Read More

Flow- and context-sensitive pointer analysis is generally considered too expensive for large programs; most tools relax one or both of the requirements for scalability. We formulate a flow- and context-sensitive points-to analysis that is lazy in the following sense: points-to information is computed only for live pointers and its propagation is sparse (restricted to live ranges of respective pointers). Further, our analysis (a) uses strong liveness, effectively including dead code elimination; (b) afterwards calculates must-points-to information from may-points-to information instead of using a mutual fixed-point; and (c) uses value-based termination of call strings during interprocedural analysis (which reduces the number of call strings significantly). Read More

We present a comprehensive multi-wavelength analysis of the young cluster NGC 1624 associated with the H II region Sh2-212 using optical UBVRI photometry, optical spectroscopy and GMRT radio continuum mapping along with the near-infrared (NIR) JHK archival data. Reddening E(B-V) and distance to the cluster are estimated to be 0.76 - 1. Read More

The aim of this paper is to quantitatively testify the "{\it small-scale sequential star formation}" hypothesis in and around bright-rimmed clouds (BRCs). As a continuation of the recent attempt by Ogura et al. (2007, Paper I), we have carried out $BVI_{c}$ photometry of four more BRC aggregates along with deeper re-observations of 2 previously observed BRCs. Read More