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Publications Authored By P. McKee

A quantitative description of the change in ground-state neutron occupancies between $^{136}$Xe and $^{136}$Ba, the initial and final state in the neutrinoless double-$\beta$ decay of $^{136}$Xe, has been extracted from precision measurements of the cross sections of single-neutron adding and -removing reactions. Comparisons are made to recent theoretical calculations of the same properties using various nuclear-structure models. These are the same calculations used to determine the magnitude of the nuclear matrix elements for the process, which at present disagree with each other by factors of 2 or 3. Read More

Structure functions, as measured in lepton-nucleon scattering, have proven to be very useful in studying the quark dynamics within the nucleon. However, it is experimentally difficult to separately determine the longitudinal and transverse structure functions, and consequently there are substantially less data available for the longitudinal structure function in particular. Here we present separated structure functions for hydrogen and deuterium at low four--momentum transfer squared, Q^2< 1 GeV^2, and compare these with parton distribution parameterizations and a k_T factorization approach. Read More

A large set of cross sections for semi-inclusive electroproduction of charged pions ($\pi^\pm$) from both proton and deuteron targets was measured. The data are in the deep-inelastic scattering region with invariant mass squared $W^2$ > 4 GeV$^2$ and range in four-momentum transfer squared $2 < Q^2 < 4$ (GeV/c)$^2$, and cover a range in the Bjorken scaling variable 0.2 < x < 0. Read More

A service provisioning system is examined, where a number of servers are used to offer different types of services to paying customers. A customer is charged for the execution of a stream of jobs; the number of jobs in the stream and the rate of their submission is specified. On the other hand, the provider promises a certain quality of service (QoS), measured by the average waiting time of the jobs in the stream. Read More

We present new data on electron scattering from a range of nuclei taken in Hall C at Jefferson Lab. For heavy nuclei, we observe a rapid falloff in the cross section for $x>1$, which is sensitive to short range contributions to the nuclear wave-function, and in deep inelastic scattering corresponds to probing extremely high momentum quarks. This result agrees with higher energy muon scattering measurements, but is in sharp contrast to neutrino scattering measurements which suggested a dramatic enhancement in the distribution of the `super-fast' quarks probed at x>1. Read More

Affiliations: 1nee Rohe, 2nee Rohe, 3nee Rohe, 4nee Rohe, 5nee Rohe, 6nee Rohe, 7nee Rohe, 8nee Rohe, 9nee Rohe, 10nee Rohe, 11nee Rohe, 12nee Rohe, 13nee Rohe, 14nee Rohe, 15nee Rohe, 16nee Rohe, 17nee Rohe, 18nee Rohe, 19nee Rohe, 20nee Rohe, 21nee Rohe, 22nee Rohe, 23nee Rohe, 24nee Rohe, 25nee Rohe, 26nee Rohe, 27nee Rohe, 28nee Rohe, 29nee Rohe, 30nee Rohe, 31nee Rohe, 32nee Rohe, 33nee Rohe, 34nee Rohe, 35nee Rohe, 36nee Rohe, 37nee Rohe, 38nee Rohe, 39nee Rohe, 40nee Rohe, 41nee Rohe, 42nee Rohe, 43nee Rohe, 44nee Rohe, 45nee Rohe, 46nee Rohe, 47nee Rohe, 48nee Rohe, 49nee Rohe, 50nee Rohe, 51nee Rohe, 52nee Rohe

We have extracted QCD matrix elements from our data on double polarized inelastic scattering of electrons on nuclei. We find the higher twist matrix element \tilde{d_2}, which arises strictly from quark- gluon interactions, to be unambiguously non zero. The data also reveal an isospin dependence of higher twist effects if we assume that the Burkhardt-Cottingham Sum rule is valid. Read More

This paper presents basic concepts, architectural principles and algorithms for efficient resource and security management in cluster computing environments and the Grid. The work presented in this paper is funded by BTExacT and the EPSRC project SO-GRM (GR/S21939). Read More

Affiliations: 1for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration, 2for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration, 3for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration, 4for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration, 5for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration, 6for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration, 7for the Jefferson Lab E93-026 Collaboration

The electric form factor of the neutron was determined from measurements of the \vec{d}(\vec{e},e' n)p reaction for quasielastic kinematics. Polarized electrons were scattered off a polarized deuterated ammonia target in which the deuteron polarization was perpendicular to the momentum transfer. The scattered electrons were detected in a magnetic spectrometer in coincidence with neutrons in a large solid angle detector. Read More