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Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect (2)
Physics - Materials Science (2)
Physics - Accelerator Physics (1)
Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons (1)

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We present a theoretical analysis of Dirac magneto-plasmons in topological insulator nanowires. We discuss a cylindrical geometry where Berry phase effects induce the opening of a gap at the neutrality point. By taking into account surface electron wave functions introduced in previous papers and within the random phase approximation, we provide an analytical form of the dynamic structure factor. Read More

Stimulated by the recent realization of three dimensional topological insulator nanowire interfer- ometers, a theoretical analysis of quantum interference effects on the low energy spectrum of Bi2Se3 nanowires is presented. The electronic properties are analyzed in nanowires with circular, square and rectangular cross-sections starting from a continuum three dimensional model with particular emphasis on magnetic and geometrical effects. The theoretical study is based on numerically exact diagonalizations of the discretized model for all the geometries. Read More

The machine described in this document is an advanced Source of up to 20 MeV Gamma Rays based on Compton back-scattering, i.e. collision of an intense high power laser beam and a high brightness electron beam with maximum kinetic energy of about 720 MeV. Read More