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Publications Authored By P. Herrmann

For the first time a vertically polarized electron beam has been used for physics experiments at MAMI in the energy range between 180 and 855 MeV. The beam-normal single-spin asymmetry $A_{\mathrm{n}}$, which is a direct probe of higher-order photon exchange beyond the first Born approximation, has been measured in the reaction $^{12}\mathrm C(\vec e,e')^{12}\mathrm C$. Vertical polarization orientation was necessary to measure this asymmetry with the existing experimental setup. Read More

Using probabilities in the formal-methods-based development of safety-critical software has quickened interests in academia and industry. We address this area by our model-driven engineering method for reactive systems SPACE and its tool-set Reactive Blocks that provide an extension to support the modeling and verification of real-time behaviors. The approach facilitates the composition of system models from reusable building blocks as well as the verification of functional and real-time properties and the automatic generation of Java code. Read More

In this paper we study a model structure on a category of schemes with a group action and the resulting unstable and stable equivariant motivic homotopy theories. The new model structure introduced here samples a comparison to the one by Voevodsky and Hu-Kriz-Ormsby. We show that it allows to detect equivariant motivic weak equivalences on fixed points and how this property leads to a topologically convenient behavior of stable equivalences. Read More

In this work we revise the theory of one electron in a ferromagnetically saturated local moment system interacting via a Kondo-like exchange interaction. The complete eigenstates for the finite lattice are derived. It is then shown, that parts of these states lose their norm in the limit of an infinite lattice. Read More

In this research, we investigate the impact of delegating decision making to information technology (IT) on an important human decision bias - the sunk cost effect. To address our research question, we use a unique and very rich dataset containing actual market transaction data for approximately 7,000 pay-per-bid auctions. Thus, unlike previous studies that are primarily laboratory experiments, we investigate the effects of using IT on the proneness to a decision bias in real market transactions. Read More

We construct models for the motivic homotopy category based on simplicial functors from smooth schemes over a field to simplicial sets. These spaces are homotopy invariant and therefore one does not have to invert the affine line in order to get a model for the motivic homotopy category. Read More