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This workshop aimed at producing an optimized photon source concept with potential increase of scientific output at Jefferson Lab, and at refining the science for hadron physics experiments benefitting from such a high-intensity photon source. The workshop brought together the communities directly using such sources for photo-production experiments, or for conversion into $K_L$ beams. The combination of high precision calorimetry and high intensity photon sources greatly enhances scientific benefit to (deep) exclusive processes like wide-angle and time-like Compton scattering. Read More

A new mathematical model for the description of the photon detector response functions measured in conditions of low light is presented, together with examples of the observed photomultiplier signal amplitude distributions, successfully described using the parameterized model equation. As opposed to the previously known approximations, the new model describes the underlying discrete statistical behavior of the photoelectron cascade multiplication processes in photon detectors with complex non-uniform gain structure of the first dynode. Important features of the model include the ability to represent the true single-photoelectron spectra from different photomultipliers with a variety of parameterized shapes, reflecting the variability in the design and in the individual parameters of the detectors. Read More