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One-sided cross-validation (OSCV) is a bandwidth selection method initially introduced by Hart and Yi (1998) in the context of smooth regression functions. Mart\'{\i}nez-Miranda et al. (2009) developed a version of OSCV for smooth density functions. Read More

Fully robust OSCV is a modification of the OSCV method that produces consistent bandwidth in the cases of smooth and nonsmooth regression functions. The current implementation of the method uses the kernel $H_I$ that is almost indistinguishable from the Gaussian kernel on the interval $[-4,4]$, but has negative tails. The theoretical properties and practical performances of the $H_I$- and $\phi$-based OSCV versions are compared. Read More

A new method of bandwidth selection for kernel density estimators is proposed. The method, termed indirect cross-validation, or ICV, makes use of so-called selection kernels. Least squares cross-validation (LSCV) is used to select the bandwidth of a selection-kernel estimator, and this bandwidth is appropriately rescaled for use in a Gaussian kernel estimator. Read More

In this paper we provide insight into the empirical properties of indirect cross-validation (ICV), a new method of bandwidth selection for kernel density estimators. First, we describe the method and report on the theoretical results used to develop a practical-purpose model for certain ICV parameters. Next, we provide a detailed description of a numerical study which shows that the ICV method usually outperforms least squares cross-validation (LSCV) in finite samples. Read More