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In this paper, we analyze the nature and distribution of structured data on the Web. Web-scale information extraction, or the problem of creating structured tables using extraction from the entire web, is gathering lots of research interest. We perform a study to understand and quantify the value of Web-scale extraction, and how structured information is distributed amongst top aggregator websites and tail sites for various interesting domains. Read More

Affiliations: 1Yahoo! Research, 2Yahoo! Research, 3U. of Waterloo

We present a generic framework to make wrapper induction algorithms tolerant to noise in the training data. This enables us to learn wrappers in a completely unsupervised manner from automatically and cheaply obtained noisy training data, e.g. Read More

Affiliations: 1Yahoo! Research, 2Yahoo! Research, 3Technical University of Crete

There have been several recent advancements in Machine Learning community on the Entity Matching (EM) problem. However, their lack of scalability has prevented them from being applied in practical settings on large real-life datasets. Towards this end, we propose a principled framework to scale any generic EM algorithm. Read More

We show that for every conjunctive query, the complexity of evaluating it on a probabilistic database is either \PTIME or #\P-complete, and we give an algorithm for deciding whether a given conjunctive query is \PTIME or #\P-complete. The dichotomy property is a fundamental result on query evaluation on probabilistic databases and it gives a complete classification of the complexity of conjunctive queries. Read More