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We present an imaging technique that allows the recovery of the transparency profile of wavelength-scale objects with deep subwavelength resolution based on far-field intensity measurements. The approach, interscale mixing microscopy (IMM), relies on diffractive element positioned in the near-field proximity to the object, to scatter information carried by evanescent waves into propagating part of the spectrum. A combination of numerical solutions of Maxwell equations and nonlinear fitting is then used to recover the information about the object based on far-field intensity measurements. Read More

We develop a quantitative description of giant asymmetry in reflectance, recently observed in semicontinuous metal films. The developed scaling-theory based technique reproduces the spectral properties of semicontinuous composites, as well as provides insight into the origin of experimentally observed loss, reflectance, and transmittance anomalies in the vicinity of the percolation threshold. Read More

Integration of the next generation of photonic structures with electronic and optical on-chip components requires the development of effective methods for confining and controlling light in subwavelength volumes. Several techniques enabling light coupling to sub-wavelength objects have recently been proposed, including grating-, and composite-based solutions. However, experi-mental realization of these couplers involves complex fabrication with \sim 10nm resolution in three dimensions. Read More

We resolve the long standing controversy regarding the imaging by a planar lens made of left-handed media and demonstrate theoretically that its far field image has a fundamentally different origin depending on the relationship between losses {inside} the lens and the wavelength of the light $\lambda$. At small enough $\lambda$ the image is always governed by diffraction theory, and the resolution is independent of the absorption if both Im$\epsilon \ll 1$ and Im$\mu \ll 1$. For any finite $\lambda$, however, a critical absorption exists below which the superresolution regime takes place, though this absorption is extremely low and can hardly be achieved. Read More

We analyze the performance of a planar lens based on realistic negative index material in a generalized geometry. We demonstrate that the conventional superlens design (where the lens is centered between the object and the image) is not optimal from the resolution point-of-view, develop an analytical expression for the resolution limit of a generalized lens, use it to find the optimum lens configuration, and calculate the maximum absorption practical nearfield superlenses may have. We demonstrate that in contrast to the conventional superlens picture, planar imaging is typically accompanied by excitation of surface waves at both interfaces of the lens. Read More