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We recommend that the search for exoplanets around binary stars be extended to include X-ray binaries in which the accretor is a white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole. We present a novel idea for detecting planets bound to such mass transfer binaries: we propose that the X-ray light curves of these binaries be inspected for signatures of transiting planets. X-ray transits may be the only way to detect planets around some systems, while providing a complementary approach to optical and/or radio observations in others. Read More

Are there examples of "astrophysical Russian dolls," and what could we learn from their similarities? In this article, we list a few such examples, including disks, filaments, and clusters. We suggest that forging connections across disciplinary borders enhances our perception of beauty, while simultaneously leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the Universe. Read More

We characterize the column density probability distributions functions (PDFs) of the atomic hydrogen gas, HI, associated with seven Galactic molecular clouds (MCs). We use 21 cm observations from the Leiden/Argentine/Bonn Galactic HI Survey to derive column density maps and PDFs. We find that the peaks of the HI PDFs occur at column densities ranging from ~1-2$\times 10^{21}$ cm$^2$ (equivalently, ~0. Read More

Infrared emission from intergalactic dust might compromise the ability of future experiments to detect subtle spectral distortions in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) from the early Universe. We provide the first estimate of foreground contamination of the CMB signal due to diffuse dust emission in the intergalactic medium. We use models of the extragalactic background light to calculate the intensity of intergalactic dust emission and find that emission by intergalactic dust at redshifts z<0. Read More

In this Letter, we constrain the dust-to-gas ratio in the intergalactic medium (IGM) at high redshifts. We employ models for dust in the local Universe to contrain the dust-to-gas ratio during the epoch of reionization at redshifts z ~ 6-10. The observed level of reddening of high redshift galaxies implies that the IGM was enriched to an intergalactic dust-to-gas ratio of less than 3% of the Milky Way value by a redshift of z=10. Read More

I present high-resolution column density maps of two molecular clouds having strikingly different star formation rates. To better understand the unusual, massive G216-2.5, a molecular cloud with no massive star formation, the distribution of its molecular gas is compared to that of the Rosette Molecular Cloud. Read More

We present an extinction map of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), using 204,502 stars from the Two Micron All Sky Survey point source catalog. We first use the NICE method to determine the reddening distribution, \ehk and \ejh, which we compare to the HI distribution to find a near-infrared reddening law of $\ejh/\ehk=1.20\pm 0. Read More