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Naveh Levanon
Technion, Israel

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We show that the blue and UV excess emission at the first few days of some type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) can be accounted for in the double degenerate (DD) scenario by the collision of the SN ejecta with circumstellar matter that was blown by the accretion disk formed during the merger process of the two white dwarfs (WDs). We assume that in cases of excess early light the disk blows the circumstellar matter, that we term disk-originated matter (DOM), hours to days before explosion. To perform our analysis we first provide a model-based definition for early excess light, replacing the definition of excess light relative to a power-law fit to the rising luminosity. Read More

We follow the mass expelled during the WD-WD merger process in a particular case of the Double-Degenerate (DD) scenario for Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), and find that the interaction of the SN ejecta with the resulting wind affects the early (first day) light curve in a way that may be in conflict with some SN Ia observations, if the detonation occurs shortly after the merger (i.e., $10^3~{\rm sec} \lesssim t_{\rm exp} \lesssim 1~{\rm day}$). Read More