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The majority of hot subdwarf stars are low-mass core-helium-burning stars. Their atmospheres are generally helium deficient; however a minority have extremely helium-rich surfaces. An additional fraction have an intermediate surface-helium abundance, occasionally accompanied by peculiar abundances of other elements. Read More

UVO0825+15 is a hot bright helium-rich subdwarf which lies in {\it K2} Field 5 and in a sample of intermediate helium-rich subdwarfs observed with {\it Subaru/HDS}. The {\it K2} light curve shows low-amplitude variations, whilst the {\it Subaru} spectrum shows Pb{\sc iv} absorption lines, indicative of a very high lead overabundance. UVO0825+15 also has a high proper motion with kinematics typical for a thick disk star. Read More

Helium-rich subdwarf B (He-sdB) stars represent a small group of low-mass hot stars with luminosities greater than those of conventional subdwarf B stars, and effective temperatures lower than those of subdwarf O stars. By measuring their surface chemistry, we aim to explore the connection between He-sdB stars, He-rich sdO stars and normal sdB stars. LS IV-14 116 is a relatively intermediate He-sdB star, also known to be a photometric variable. Read More