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We use the observed properties of fast radio bursts (FRBs) and a number of general physical considerations to provide a broad-brush model for the physical properties of FRB sources and the radiation mechanism. We show that the magnetic field in the source region should be at least 10^{14} Gauss. This strong field is required to ensure that the electrons have sufficiently high ground state Landau energy so that particle collisions, instabilities, and strong electric and magnetic fields associated with the FRB radiation do not perturb electrons' motion in the direction transverse to the magnetic field and destroy their coherent motion; coherence is required by the high observed brightness temperature of FRB radiation. Read More

We study the spectra of photospheric emission from highly relativistic gamma-ray burst outflows using a Monte Carlo (MC) code. We consider the Comptonization of photons with a fast cooled synchrotron spectrum in a relativistic jet with photon to electron number ratio $N_{\gamma}/N_e = 10^5$. For all our simulations, we use mono-energetic protons which interact with thermalised electrons through the Coulomb interaction. Read More

Since 2012, we have initiated a new idea showing that the mass of highly magnetized or modified Einstein's gravity induced white dwarfs could be significantly super-Chandrasekhar with a different mass-limit. This discovery has several important consequences, including explanation of peculiar, over-luminous type Ia supernovae, soft gamma-ray repeaters and anomalous X-ray pulsars without invoking extraordinarily strong, yet unobserved, magnetic fields. It further argues for a possible second standard candle. Read More

We investigate the luminosity and cooling of highly magnetised white dwarfs. We consider white dwarfs with electron-degenerate core and nondegenerate surface layers where cooling occurs by diffusion of photons. We find the temperature and density profiles in the surface layers or envelope of white dwarfs for radially constant and varying magnetic fields by solving the magnetostatic equilibrium and photon diffusion equations in a Newtonian framework. Read More

We study motion around a static Einstein and pure Lovelock black hole in higher dimensions. It is known that in higher dimensions, bound orbits exist only for pure Lovelock black hole in all even dimensions, D=2N+2, where N is degree of Lovelock polynomial action. In particular, we compute periastron shift and light bending and the latter is given by one of transverse spatial components of Riemann curvature tensor. Read More