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Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (2)
Mathematics - Differential Geometry (1)

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We continue the recent line of research studying information dissemination problems in adversarial dynamic radio networks. We give two generic algorithms which allow to transform generalized version of single-message broadcast algorithms into multi-message broadcast algorithms. Based on these generic algorithms, we obtain multi-message broadcast algorithms for dynamic radio networks for a number of different dynamic network settings. Read More

We study the single-message broadcast problem in dynamic radio networks. We show that the time complexity of the problem depends on the amount of stability and connectivity of the dynamic network topology and on the adaptiveness of the adversary providing the dynamic topology. More formally, we model communication using the standard graph-based radio network model. Read More

Ricci solitons on Finsler spaces, previously developed by the present authors, are a generalization of Einstein spaces, which can be considered as a solution to the Ricci flow on compact Finsler manifolds. In the present work it is shown that on a Finslerian space, a forward complete shrinking Ricci soliton is compact if and only if it is bounded. Moreover, it is proved that a compact shrinking Finslerian Ricci soliton has finite fundamental group and hence the first de Rham cohomology group vanishes. Read More