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Recent observations of galactic cosmic rays (CR) in the 1-500 GeV energy range have revealed striking deviations from what deemed "standard." The anomalies cut across hadronic and leptonic CRs. I discuss findings that challenge physical mechanisms long held responsible for the CR production in galactic supernova remnants (SNR). Read More

Shortfalls in cosmic ray (CR) propagation models obscure the CR sources and acceleration mechanisms. This problem became particularly obvious after the Fermi, Pamela, and AMS-02 have discovered the electron/positron and $p/$He spectral anomalies. Most of the CR models use diffusive propagation that is inaccurate for weakly scattered energetic particles. Read More

Cosmic rays (CR), constrained by scattering on magnetic irregularities, are believed to propagate diffusively. But a well-known defect of diffusive approximation whereby some of the particles propagate unrealistically fast has directed interest towards an alternative CR transport model based on the "telegraph" equation. However, its derivations often lack rigor and transparency leading to inconsistent results. Read More

A mechanism for proton acceleration to ~10^21eV is suggested. It may operate in accretion flows onto thin dark matter filaments of cosmic structure formation. The flow compresses the ambient magnetic field to strongly increase and align it with the filament. Read More