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We propose a method to directly visualize the photonic band-structure of micron size photonic crystals using wide angle spectroscopy. By extending Fourier Imaging Spectroscopy sensitivity into the infrared range we have obtained accurate measurements of the band-structures along the high-symmetry directions (X-W-K-L-U) of polymeric three-dimensional rod-connected diamond photonic crystals. Our implementation also allows us to record single-wavelength reflectance far field patterns showing a very good agreement with simulations of the same designs. Read More

We present the simulation, fabrication, and optical characterization of low-index polymeric rod-connected diamond (RCD) structures. Such complex three-dimensional photonic crystal structures are created via direct laser writing by two-photon polymerization. To our knowledge, this is the first measurement at near-infrared wavelengths, showing partial photonic bandgaps for this structure. Read More

We report the optimisation of optical properties of single defects in three-dimensional (3D) face-centred-cubic (FCC) woodpile photonic crystal (PC) cavities by using plane-wave expansion (PWE) and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) methods. By optimising the dimensions of a 3D woodpile PC, wide photonic band gaps (PBG) are created. Optical cavities with resonances in the bandgap arise when point defects are introduced in the crystal. Read More