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Trajectory optimization is a fundamental problem in robotics. While optimization of continuous control trajectories is well developed, many applications require both discrete and continuous, i.e. Read More

This work addresses the challenge of a robot using real-time feedback from contact sensors to reliably manipulate a movable object on a cluttered tabletop. We formulate contact manipulation as a partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP) in the joint space of robot configurations and object poses. The POMDP formulation enables the robot to actively gather information and reduce the uncertainty on the object pose. Read More

We estimate the state a noisy robot arm and underactuated hand using an Implicit Manifold Particle Filter (MPF) informed by touch sensors. As the robot touches the world, its state space collapses to a contact manifold that we represent implicitly using a signed distance field. This allows us to extend the MPF to higher (six or more) dimensional state spaces. Read More