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High Energy Physics - Theory (6)
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The isomorphism $SU(4) \simeq O(6)$ is used to construct the form factors of the O(6) Gross-Neveu model as bound state form factors of the SU(4) chiral Gross-Neveu model. This technique is generalized and is then applied to use the O(6) as the starting point of the nesting procedure to obtain the O(N) form factors for general even N. Read More

We apply previous results on the O(N) Bethe Ansatz [1 to 3] to construct a general form factor formula for the O(N) Gross-Neveu model. We examine this formula for several operators, such as the energy momentum, the spin-field and the current. We also compare these results with the 1/N expansion of this model and obtain full agreement. Read More

A general form factor formula for the $O(N)\sigma$-model is constructed and applied to several operators. The large N limits of these form factors are computed and compared with the 1/N expansion of the $O(N)\sigma$-model in terms of Feynman graphs and full agreement is found. In particular, O(3) and O(4) form factors are discussed. Read More

The general SU(N) form factor formula is constructed. Exact form factors for the field, the energy momentum and the current operators are derived and compared with the 1/N-expansion of the chiral Gross-Neveu model and full agreement is found. As an application of the form factor approach the equal time commutation rules of arbitrary local fields are derived and in general anyonic behavior is found. Read More

The form factor equations are solved for an SU(N) invariant S-matrix under the assumption that the anti-particle is identified with the bound state of N-1 particles. The solution is obtained explicitly in terms of the nested off-shell Bethe ansatz where the contribution from each level is written in terms of multiple contour integrals. Read More

The purpose of the ''bootstrap program'' for integrable quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions is to construct explicitly a model in terms of its Wightman functions. In this article, this program is mainly illustrated in terms of the sinh-Gordon model and the SU(N) Gross-Neveu model. The nested off-shell Bethe ansatz for an SU(N) factorizing S-matrix is constructed. Read More

A quantum algebra invariant integrable closed spin 1 chain is introduced and analysed in detail. The Bethe ansatz equations as well as the energy eigenvalues of the model are obtained. The highest weight property of the Bethe vectors with respect to U_q(sl(2)) is proved. Read More