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Matching methods are used to make units comparable on observed characteristics. Full matching can be used to derive optimal matches. However, the method has only been defined in the case of two treatment categories, it places unnecessary restrictions on the matched groups, and existing implementations are computationally intractable in large samples. Read More

Atomic force microscope (AFM) users often calibrate the spring constants of cantilevers using functionality built into individual instruments. This is performed without reference to a global standard, which hinders robust comparison of force measurements reported by different laboratories. In this article, we describe a virtual instrument (an internet-based initiative) whereby users from all laboratories can instantly and quantitatively compare their calibration measurements to those of others - standardising AFM force measurements - and simultaneously enabling non-invasive calibration of AFM cantilevers of any geometry. Read More

We derive the variances of estimators for sample average treatment effects under the Neyman-Rubin potential outcomes model for arbitrary blocking assignments and an arbitrary number of treatments. Read More

This paper describes NAIVE, a low-level knowledge representation language and inferencing process. NAIVE has been designed for reasoning about nondeterministic dynamic systems like those found in medicine. Knowledge is represented in a graph structure consisting of nodes, which correspond to the variables describing the system of interest, and arcs, which correspond to the procedures used to infer the value of a variable from the values of other variables. Read More