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Michael Grosskopf
University Michigan
United States

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We consider adapting a canonical computer model calibration apparatus, involving coupled Gaussian process (GP) emulators, to a computer experiment simulating radiative shock hydrodynamics that is orders of magnitude larger than what can typically be accommodated. The conventional approach calls for thousands of large matrix inverses to evaluate the likelihood in an MCMC scheme. Our approach replaces that costly ideal with a thrifty take on essential ingredients, synergizing three modern ideas in emulation, calibration and optimization: local approximate GP regression, modularization, and mesh adaptive direct search. Read More

Supersonic plasma outflows driven by multi-beam, high-energy lasers, such as Omega and NIF, have been and will be used as platforms for a variety of laboratory astrophysics experiments. Here we propose a new way of launching high density and high velocity, plasma jets using multiple intense laser beams in a hollow ring formation. We show that such jets provide a more flexible and versatile platform for future laboratory astrophysics experiments. Read More

Computer codes are widely used to describe physical processes in lieu of physical observations. In some cases, more than one computer simulator, each with different degrees of fidelity, can be used to explore the physical system. In this work, we combine field observations and model runs from deterministic multi-fidelity computer simulators to build a predictive model for the real process. Read More